Ozone Sanification

A Good Ambient for Good Health

Ozone is a natural gas with unique properties, as much as 2000 times more powerful than any natural disinfectant.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is one of the most vigorous oxidants in nature: an ozone molecule quickly binds to every component it comes into contact with. This allows the treatment by oxidation of organic and inorganic substances (also due to bad odors) as well as micro-organisms, viruses, bacteria and fungi.

It leaves no residue because after a few minutes its molecules break up and turn into oxygen. Ozone naturally and effectively disinfects up to 98.99% of surfaces and air.

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What is Ozone?

Ozone is the triatomic oxygen molecule, the most powerful oxidant available in nature, used to eliminate algae, bacteria and viruses, as well as to oxidize numerous organic and inorganic contaminants.

Ozone is not produced and marketed, but is prepared through the use of devices called ozonizers, which convert the oxygen of the air into ozone, by means of electric shocks. The result is a radical disinfection with zero environmental impact.

Ozone is used to disinfect:

  • Surfaces intended for contact with food;
  • The air from molds, spores and yeasts;
  • Fruits and vegetables from spores, molds and yeasts;
  • Oxidation of water chemical pollutants (iron, arsenic, hydrogen sulphide, nihtrites and organic complexes);
  • Water in the aqueducts;
  • Pool water;
  • Water destined for bottling;
  • Aid to the flocculation of activated sludge in water purification.

Ozone is useful for all food companies, to ensure processing hygiene in all phases (preparation, transformation, manufacture, storage, packaging, transportation, distribution, handling, sale and supply).

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