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Hotel Sanification Company Qatar

Ozone is an efficient method of sanitizing for your hotel rooms, which are purified, disinfected and deodorized at each treatment, eliminating the bacterial load of previous customers and restoring an uncontaminated environment, free of unpleasant odors, ready to welcome the new customer as if he were always the first customer.

Treatment with ozone is ideal in hotel rooms because in a short time, on average 40 minutes per room, penetrates deep into all fabrics (carpets, curtains, mattresses, pillows, towels), enters the air conditioning systems and channels of aeration and in all discharges destroying every microorganism (bacteria, viruses, mites, molds …), without the use of chemicals.
In fact the ozone particles are naturally decomposed and replaced by pure oxygen.

Even the bathroom will be completely disinfected (to test bacterial swab) in every surface and in every corner even difficult to reach. After the ozone treatment, the operator places a card that tells your client that the chamber is treated with Ozone and is therefore disinfected and free of bacteria and mites.The service has zero environmental impact and we believe it is an important element for the image of your structure.

Sanitation public places with smoking rooms

The ozone treatment service is particularly appreciated by those who have the problem of residual smoke odor.

Cigarette smoke tends to impregnate fabrics and furnishings as well as filters for ventilation systems. The treatments allow to oxidize the smoke molecules present in the air, in the fabrics and in the furnishings, making the local treated deodorized, cleaned and sanitized. All this is even more evident in the presence of wallpaper or carpet.


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