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Sanitation Camper Hire

The ozone treatment of the passenger compartment and of the ventilation and conditioning systems disinfects by eliminating bacteria, viruses and completely eliminating unpleasant odors not only in the air but in the fabrics and plastics.


Public transport by bus and car or vehicle rental can show serious problems related to the colonization of parasites, viruses or bacteria such as legionella, pneumophilus, pseudomonas, escherichias, but also yeasts fungi and molds, insects (ticks, fleas, mites, bugs , lice, cockroaches, spiders, ants, etc …).

In rental vehicles it is possible that bad smells of biological or chemical origin or smells of smoke pervade the cockpits.

The treatment with ozone makes it possible to disinfect the entire interior of the car, the bus, the camper, disinfecting and deodorizing the air conditioning system.

Sanitation Camper Hire

Smells of smoke, odors of various biological or chemical origin. A single disinfection with ozone can eliminate the bad odors from the passenger compartment, from the fabrics, from the air conditioning system and from the refrigerator, disinfecting the vehicle avoiding the proliferation of bacteria, viruses, molds, mites, etc.


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