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Ozone is the triatomic oxygen molecule, the most powerful oxidant available in nature, used to eliminate algae, bacteria and viruses, as well as to oxidize numerous organic and inorganic contaminants.

The use of ozone guarantees excellent results in the abatement: Legionnaire’s disease, Microbacterio, Legionella Pneumophila, E.Coli, Paratubercolosis, Legionella SPP, Sinci Nuale, Salmonella.

Furthermore, by washing the water pipes with ozonated water, it is ensured the most absolute disinfection of the same, ensuring the absence of odors or residual substances and it is also possible to sanitize the water continuously.

Ozone turns out to be a powerful antiviral, since the percentage of virus inactivation is 99.99%, if a sanitation is performed for 4 minutes, with a residual ozone rate of 0.3 ppm.

The use of ozone guarantees the purification and absolute sterilization of all pollutants present in the air, in air conditioning systems and in the related ventilation channels.


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